Posted by: Jeannie | November 11, 2008

Sadness in the midst of optimism

007_editedToday was a hard day for me.  I got to say good-bye one more time to my best friend, Karen, before she leaves for 12 months of missions work in Haiti.  I lived with her for three and a half years and she became much more than just simply a roommate for me.  She became a mix somewhere between best friend, big sister, and a mom to me, and the separation since last April has been both difficult and painful at times.  It does seem to be getting easier with each visit and the gaps of time in between, but it’s still a struggle for me.  On the upside of things, the times I got with her this last weekend were able to be filled with happy moments and laughter as we shared a dinner together and decorated the Christmas tree just a wee bit early this year (just so I could still share that with her one more time)!

Myself, Karen Joy, and Jamie

Myself, Karen Joy, and Jamie

They also have a blog on here about their ministry and you can get to that by clicking on the link for Scott and Karen Daily.  Pray about possibly supporting their cause either prayfully and/or financially.

I also received my initial packet of information from AdoptUSKids in today’s mail.  I’ve read through all of the information and am still very excited but also realizing that this is going to be a time-consuming process requiring a lot of effort and patience on my part.  That’s good though; it’ll be great practice.  I need to call my foster/adoption advocate and figure out when and where I am to attend an initial orientation meeting.  I’m eager in getting started and being one step closer to having my daughter!  I’ve already begun praying for her although I have no clue who she is.

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