Posted by: Jeannie | January 8, 2009

Orientation and frustration…

Well, describing orientation is gonna be extremely short… it’s being rescheduled.  I’m trying to watch my attitude here and will simply sum it up to slightly frustrated, rather than letting myself vent.  It’s the only reason why I rushed through dinner, rushed through getting ready, getting a little extra dressed up, went out into freezing temperatures, and rushed over to where we were supposed to be meeting.  All of that just to find one other woman standing outside the locked doors and asking me if I was here for the training and did the P.R.I.D.E. notice in the window apply to us.  I told her that it did and let her know about the meeting next week which she didn’t seem to have any details about.  What frustrates me the most is that they wanted us to call and confirm our attendance, which I did, but they can’t use the return courtesy to call us and let us know about cancellations any.  While it wasn’t that much distance for me, how much was it probably for the others who also showed up to find that piece of paper in the window?

As far as what’s next, surprisingly it’s not orientation.  The notice stated that we would begin with Session One next week (Thursday the 15th – 6 to 9pm) and will discuss then when to reschedule the orientation.  I’m still pretty new at this but I’d of thought everything would of stayed in the same order, with orientation before anything else, and just push everything back by a week.  I just really hope we go ahead and meet next week.

On the upside, I was early for something for once!   Those who know me well, know that one was a feat 🙂   One I am attempting to work on though.

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