Posted by: Jeannie | February 11, 2009

Beginning stages of the homestudy

Sing the wondrous joys of home study,
Sing the wondrous joys of stress,
Through the paperwork and inspections,
I’ll prepare for them a place!

I am absolutely convinced that you’ve got to have a sense of humor about these things!  The inspections have yet to start but the paperwork has definitely begun.  In the pre-service training we’re calling it “homework” but the importance of completing it has been made quite clear to us.  While our individual papers aren’t being looked at and discussed in class, we’ve been told that our home-finder will be wanting to see and discuss them as we work through the paperwork for the home study.

Last week, the two visits with my family doctor were done and my physical completed.  Today, I’m going to try and turn my rough draft of a genogram (basically, a pictorial version of my genealogy) into a nice, neat final copy.  I’ve also begun working on what they call an ecomap which shows a pictorial view of my connections to other individuals and to the community.  And there’s still lots and lots of case studies to work on, charts to fill out, a million questions to answer, and chapters of reading yet to go.  I’m feeling like I’m back in school again and never been more excited to be so!

I’m also spending part of my days going through the apartment doing a lot of sorting out, some discarding, re-organizing, and trying to figure out how to redo furniture arrangements to turn a one-bedroom apartment into two-bedrooms while still trying to feel like I have a living room.  My preference would really very much be to have an actual two-bedroom first but I’m also dependent on HUD for my housing and they are being quite stubborn on the issue that I need to have a child already living with me to move up to a two-bedroom voucher.  Oh, the joys of HUD as well!  (Though I can’t be too hard on them; I couldn’t have my own place without them.)

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