Posted by: Jeannie | May 19, 2009

Moving Forward

I’m deciding to keep pushing forward on the foster adopt despite my confidence level in it having taken a major nose dive last week.  I figure if I don’t keep trudging forward then my odds really have dropped to nada; at least if I keep trying, there’s some degree of a chance still.  “I’m marchin’ and moving, onward and upward…”  I’ve got those lyrics going through my head right now and feeling like it’s kinda funny at the moment (Any of you Carman – contemporary Christian singer – fans out there ought to have that ringing a few bells for ya!  I’m wondering if he still performs anywhere!)

The same day that it was revealed to DHHR about my two psyche stays (in 2004 and 2005), I received a phone call from another lady who is the one who usually is responsible for taking finger prints and submitting the information for the criminal background checks to the respective authorities.  My state background check came back about a month ago clean as a whistle.  However, she got my federal background prints returned basically stating that the prints needed to be redone because they weren’t readable enough for the check to be completed on me.  I went in yesterday morning, her first day back in the office, and had my prints redone and she let me know that they were going out in the mail yesterday afternoon so they’re already on their way back for a second scrutinizing by the federal government people again.  I’m praying PLEASE let them pass this time!  She did let me know it shouldn’t take near as much time to get them back to her again; when they were sent back yesterday, it was with extra paperwork to have the process expedited this time since we’ve been waiting on them since the end of February.

I have been giving the name of the counselor and the doctor’s office that will be performing the psychological exam that I’m required to have as part of my homestudy; however, I am still waiting on the appointment date and time.  I’ll update on that later.

The only other things in my life lately are a raw scratchy throat and an answer to prayer.  I had been in need of a washer and dryer since Friday night and God answered that request very quickly!  A lady in my church has offered to let me use hers in exchange for some pretty light cleaning in her home!  I had been a little afraid I was going to have to start going back to the local laundrymat and those prices are outrageous here.

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