Posted by: Jeannie | May 20, 2009

Gonna find out that I’m still sane :)

I’ve just received more information on the psychological examination that I’m required to have because of the severe abuse I was put through as a child.  The psychologist that the home finder had originally picked for me works in the same office as the doctor I had to call the police on back in 2005 in order to get myself freed from the hospital.  By law, if you’re not in there by way of a court order, and the police do not believe you are a threat to yourself or others, if you state that you want to leave, legally they aren’t supposed to be allowed to be able to force you to stay.  The psyche ward is a locked unit so, no, you can’t just walk out of there at will; they have to be willing to let you out.  However, they find ways to get around it; I learned that lesson the first time in there the year before.  As soon as a patient starts making it clear that they would like to leave, it doesn’t matter how calm and normally behaved the patient remains, those in charge start basically stating that that patient is no longer thinking rationally, that they’re becoming unpredictable, and need to be placed in what is known as the isolation or suicide-watch room until that patient stops demanding to be released and becomes willing to stay again (it’s a room that only opens from the outside with a second room attached that’s a bathroom; the only items you have access to are a bare mattress in the main room and toilet paper in the bathroom with a video recorder monitoring every move you make in the main room; you are trapped there until they decide to open the door and release you and sometimes they keep patients in there for hours).

I’ll admit, the first time, in 2004, I did need to be admitted; however, the second time, a year later, a number of people who knew what the full situation was stated that I should never have been admitted that time.  I’d learned the year before NOT to state to those in charge that I wanted to be discharged from the hospital; all that would get me would be solitary confinement until I started singing a different tune, so to speak.  Instead, I called 911, explained the situation, including how the staff handled anyone asking to be discharged, and asked for help in being released.  The officer ended the call with me, called back to the hospital to verify that I was a patient in there and listed as what they call “voluntary,” and then ordered them to begin discharge procedures on me immediately or I would have the right to press charges for unlawful confinement against them.

The hospital psyche ward staff were mad at me.  They called the doctor to find out what he wanted and he told them to do as the officer had ordered and begin the process to release me immediately.  My records were listed as being discharged a.m.a. (against medical advice) and that doctor (I saw him as out-patient for med perscriptions too) never treated me the same again, neither did my counselor in the same office building.  I swear they never looked at me the same way again either.


The original psychologist that my home finder had selected works in this same office building and I let her know that and also that I was a little afraid that it might cause some biased decisions/opinions being made on the psychological examination because of that.  This morning my home finder called to give me the information for my upcoming psychological examination and she’s let me know she’s found another psychologist; different office and different town even.  That gives me a lot more confidence and a lot more faith that this is going to be fair and based on how I am now, not on records that were written up by a doctor and counselor who weren’t happy that I told an officer how the psyche ward runs things at times.  The appointment is scheduled with a female counselor (since I told the home finder that because of the past abuse, I open to women much faster and easier) in Crab Orchard on  Friday; June 5th at 1pm.

I’ll let you know after that that they found me to be sane 0511-0712-2816-5549_Crazy_Mad_Scientist_clipart_image


  1. Why do they want to keep people in there so much? I am glad the home finder found a different psychologist for you. I’ll be praying for you Especially June 5th!
    This whole blog is clearly written by a completely sane person. I enjoy reading it. 🙂

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