Posted by: Jeannie | September 5, 2009

Things I’ve learned that I didn’t know before starting this journey…

When I first began trying to fulfill my dreams of motherhood through foster adopt, there were so very many things I didn’t know, that I don’t think I could of known.

How can you see the future, the road ahead of you?  You can’t, not completely.  You can know about trips you plan to take but you can’t see the freak accident seventy miles into it or the heart-warming smile of the toddler being carried in the checkout line in front of you.

But no matter how rough the road may get or how stormy the weather, I’m finding the work, stress and difficulties, whether in regards towards parenting a child or any other endeavor, there are always going to be risks and usually rewards that were so very, very much worth it.

I don’t believe I went into this naive, but I do know I have learned so much I never saw coming.  I learned…

  • How hard I would work to pass a home study for a child I had no guarantee of ever even seeing,
  • That working through this process would cause me to have to deal even more with issues stemming from the abuse in my own childhood,
  • That walking through this journey would make me both tougher and, at the same time, softer emotionally,
  • That both support and criticism, not from the same sources, would each come from places I wouldn’t have imagined,
  • That working through this process would test my faith so many times and in so many ways,
  • That I would gain a much needed insight into my relationship as a child adopted into God’s family and the love He bestows upon me!

And, no doubt, I will learn ever so much more that’s still ahead of me…

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