Posted by: Jeannie | December 1, 2009

When it comes to the heart…

… what severely hurts is knowing there is no plan, no purpose, just existence, that dreams and hopes are mistakes that only leave pain in their wake.


  1. Life is a journey and not a destination.

    Although, somehow we tend to think that when we get what we want, even if it also what God wants, then our sorrow and disappointments will be all over. And you know, mentally know, that is not true. But we hope not. And then we get disappointed when life does disappoint us and we wonder why.

    Set you eye on the above. Look over the disappointments and stay with God. God knows ……….. and He will always know the WHY.

    Don’t put God on trial. The reason we are tried is to make us stronger, not weaker. Use this disappointment to build strength, not get you way.

    Trust God the more now that He has seen fit to test you again. May you succeed in this as I strive to do also.

    Love, brother Hess

    Ps. Be good to everybody, because everybody is having a hard time.

  2. Brother Hess is perfectly right on that Jeannie.

    Dreams and hopes do sometimes come true. They don’t always fail. Sometimes they look like they fail but when you get later on that day, that year, possibly even alot more years you end up w/ something even more than what you were dreaming of. For example Jeannie, since Timmy was about 2 yrs old I kept dreaming and wanting another child and for example it took me alot of years but yet it came my way. Sometimes when you first find out that something didn’t work your way you might find out that something would of went badly wrong just after the received it BUT sometimes when you wait alot longer you still end up getting something in return that will be alot better. For such a thing possibly happened when I was pregnate w/ Christy, I lost her and it took us what it felt to me was a long time before I got pregnate again and then was blessed by a baby girl who has yet to really have anything wrong w/ her where Christy might of had a lot of problems. Don’t take this the wrong way just what i’m saying is that you being turned down by the state and by the other lady picking someone else, doesn’t mean you won’t eventually get your wish it just means that GOD might be knowing that you have a healthier one coming sometime in your life you just don’t know yet. So just keep dreaming and having your hopes because most people do end up w/ a little one eventually.

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