Posted by: Jeannie | January 9, 2010


Sometimes prayers get answered in the affirmative but in ways that leave me wondering did it really have to be “that way?!”  Wasn’t there some other literally gentler way to show His provision?!  I’m not trying to be nit picky with God; I’m actually trying to show a lil bit of humor though it’s not being easy to do with a bum that’s still hurting from a pain shot and a body that is feeling more and more like it’s been steam-rolled or something.  I’ve been up 21 hours at this point (woke up at 5am-ish yesterday and it’s 1:50am today), feeling exhausted while still feeling like the adrenalin is still sending it’s remains through my system and just got home from the ER.

The prayer request:  safe travels for the doctor appointment yesterday.

The answered prayer:  a car that looks like a beast reached up inside it’s guts and tried to rip them out, along with giving it a nasty raking on it’s side, a driver with way too much adrenalin still running through her system, too many emotions, a pretty bruised up pelvic bone, a doctor appointment to reschedule and still go to, some pre-existing medical problems that have been aggrravated at this point by severe spinning and at least two jarring impacts before the car finally stopped (a moderately bulged disc in the neck and two shoulders with pins in them), and images of views that I never hope to experience seeing again for as long as I live (hoping for no nightmares),


a seat belt that very securely held me in place, no shattered windows (told I was extremely lucky on that one and they didn’t see how that one managed to not happen), an engine that does still run by some kind of miracle even though the car isn’t drivable, an accident that happened almost right in front of a house (with someone home) even though it was on a very rural road with good size distances between neighbors, no pain for nearly eight hours before it started rearing it’s ugly head, no broken bones or other more serious types of injuries, a compassionate doctor in the ER, and a 2010 very nicely loaded mini van for either the next 27 days or as long as I need it (whichever comes sooner) with no out-of-pocket expenses!  That one’s being N-I-C-E!!!

Right now I feel like one massively giant over-strained muscle and the doctor’s comforting words about how I am going to be hurting a whole lot worse tomorrow and maybe even worser than that the next day, but after that things should start to begin to feel better again.  Can we just skip the next two days and go straight to the let’s start feeling better again part?!

Anybody up for a massage?!


  1. So glad you’re ok. Hoping the pain subsides soon.

  2. So glad to hear that you are okay now. As someone who went through something similar, I can say that the Enemy certainly has it in for God’s children. The Devil is so jealous of our friendship with God that he tries and fails to separate us from that relationship. But, the Bible assures us that nothing will separate us from the love of Christ – not even an accident like this. And because of your friendship with God, He will reign mercy and favor on your life, even in the midst of trouble.

    May God continue to bless you abundantly, and may the most you pray for be the least you receive.


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