Posted by: Jeannie | January 11, 2010

Struggling extremely hard

Struggling extremely hard with a lot of anger, confusion, and frustration towards God over losing my only means of transportation; worries over how to get to church activities including small group, to buy groceries, to get my medications, to pick up my mail at the school each week, to getting to doctor appointments (all of but one of which are long distance).  And getting my exercise in during the winter is probably not happening, since it was walking laps around the inside of the Mall; most other exercises I haven’t been able to do for a long time now with my joints.

Found out this afternoon after talking with the claims adjuster that my car is definitely being written off as totaled regardless of the damages, all because of simply how old it was.  After the deductible is subtracted, there’ll be roughly $500 if the car isn’t listed as being in previous accidents with any other owners that came before me (if there are, I’ll get even less).  The ONLY reason I got full coverage was so if anything ever happened to the car, I wanted it to be enough to help provide the next one.  No one ever told me if the car was “too old” full coverage was going to be a waste of money.

Parents are furious at me because I chose to let insurance handle it (even though they were the ones who initially told me to and even helped me with having all the details written down and ready when I called), believing it was the better route to go, and found out that since it’s being listed as totaled that I get about one more week or so with the rental van rather than the up to $1,100 I was told I’d have.  As soon as I’m asked to return it, I’ll be expected to do so immediately or start paying out of pocket because the insurance will no longer pay for it even though I’d still have more time otherwise.

Frustrated over being told if I want to keep my preferred status with Nationwide, I’ll keep at least liability ($40-something a month) while I have NO CAR and that, if I don’t, I’ll be listed as high-risk whenever I do have a car again and try to start the insurance back up.

Worried about a shoulder with pins in it that hasn’t let up on the pain as the rest of me has (the shoulder is actually getting worse and worse) and has now started having severely painful spasms that nothing is controlling; a shoulder that took over eight hours of major surgery to try and heal it and left me for two months of being dependent on others for almost literally everything.

Why is it that the more you try to live right and do the things you know you should, that that’s when God seems to send a bombshell at you?


  1. Babe, God’s not sending the bombshell. Satan is. He is doing everything he can to sidetrack you from what God has for you..push through the circumstances..I know it’s hard. Believe me, I know. But read Ephesians chapter 6. Put on the full armor of God. And STAND FIRM..and I’ll stand with you. In my bible translation, it talks about taking up the shield of faith to extinguish ALL THE FLAMMING MISSILES (or bombshells) of the evil one. I’ll help you hold that shield. Look through the pain to the promise. It’s still there. I’ll be praying about your transportation issues. I know it’s tough without wheels. Look for the blessing admist the seemingly overwhelming circumstances. Call Volunteers of America or Goodwill. Ask them how you can purchase a low cost (or a no cost) car to get you where you need to be.
    Hang in there Jeannie. It’s gonna be okay.
    Love ya!

  2. Sending you a hug.

  3. Jeannie,

    I’m praying for you. I don’t know what God is trying to show you, but you can still trust Him. When I was in my accident a few years ago, I had a HUGE run around with the insurance company and I had to fight to get them to pay. It was tough but I got to see God provide for me in ways I NEVER thought possible.

    Maybe God just wants to show you exactly how much He loves you. He has every single situation in control. Maybe He wants to give you a newer car. Maybe He wants to give you opportunities to talk with someone who takes you where you need to go.

    I’ll be praying and I’m certain that there are countless others praying as well.


  4. I know it’s hard because I know how insurance companies have good ways for totaling out cars that are old since I have owned plenty of them. I can’t help much but let you know to try the DHHR and see if they have a busing company, it’s more like a van if it’s like the Kanawha bus that runs even up into Parkersburg but they might know a company that can transport you to doctor appointments but they are the ones who will end up w/ the transportation papers and sometimes you have to go on long trips because of them giving others rides too but at least they will get you to your doctors. Also like the one friend said to try goodwill and someplace else that they said. And also try the ad bulletins because sometimes you can find good deals in them. I have found over the years several good cars for only 500 dollars just take a person who knows there cars w/ you when you go and look at them.

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