Posted by: Jeannie | January 21, 2010

Latest Blessings :)

Blessings from January 15th to the 21st:

Maybe sounds weird, but more than a solid week of just mostly normal days; since the 13th, no meetings or phone calls with Nationwide, no important decisions having to be made, work at the school has started back up, and life is starting to feel like it’s getting back to it’s old ordinary, and I’m liking that a WHOLE LOT BETTER than last week!

A full Sunday’s worth of services after snow and ice had canceled sooooo many!

Muscle spams in my left shoulder are decreasing; still happening but not as severe!

Twenty months later, I get the first news that the braces on my teeth are FINALLY accomplishing something that they have been meant to!  Spaces have all closed up and starting with the elastics with the next appointment!

Prayer requests:

Still struggling with some lingering pain, and several wakenings during the nights from it.  Back, neck, and left shoulder are still extremely sore.  Fatigue has been ridiculous.

In need of about $200 to fix the car and no idea of where it’s going to manage to come from.

Trying to trust God that transportation needs will work out, especially for doctor appointments, in between having to turn the rental van back in in a couple weeks and the next couple months, while working on getting enough money together to fix the car.

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