Posted by: Jeannie | February 1, 2010

Ever Wish You Really Were Adopted?!

Sometimes all I can do is just shake my head…

Managed to get the following one from the archives (it’s no longer available for “free” viewing so copied and pasted it)

Police Briefs

Tuesday January 19, 2010
Deputies knock, child opens door — and pot wafts out

SISSONVILLE, W.Va. — A man was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after deputies from the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department found nearly 300 grams of marijuana at his Sissonville residence.

Robert Joe Davis, 41, was arrested after deputies received a tip that he was selling drugs from his residence, according to Lt. Sean Crosier.

Deputies went to the home just before noon Monday.

When the door opened, deputies were met by a small child and could smell the odor of marijuana, Crosier said.

After investigating, the deputies discovered numerous small bags of marijuana hidden in almost every room except the child’s bedroom.

The total weight of marijuana measured nearly 300 grams with a street value of just under $3,000.

Deputies also seized more than $1,000 in currency.

Deputy P.J. Hodge transported Davis to the South Central Regional Jail. Additional charges may follow, Crosier said.

(And, for those wondering, yes, it’s the same brother who molested me.)

Here’s another link to the story on my half-brother as well, least till they archive it…

Sissonville Man Charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute – WOWK-TV –

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  1. are you serious? what is going to hsppen to your nieces in light of this?

  2. This hasn’t been the first time; probably the same thing as in all the previous ones, nieces will be placed in foster care, Bobby will pretend to turn himself around, and they’re get the kids back again…

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