Posted by: Jeannie | February 24, 2010

Adoption Timer


  1. it’s gonna happen before you know it. i know someone who is a single lady and she went thru all her stuff and now has a child, she is just a foster mother i don’t know if that makes a difference.
    one thing you can do while you wait is hand sew a little lap quilt for the child. it will get your mind off of being anxious and it gives you something to do for the child while you wait. it is fun to pick out the fabric and then as you stitch the quilt you can pray for the child. the reason i say hand sew is because it takes a little longer and gives you something to look forward too. instead of whipping it out on a sewing machine.
    it’s gonna be great! the time will be hear before you know it. GOD BLESS,TARA

  2. Well, I’m excited for you!!! I have been praying about adopting myself as a single person and its exciting to think that someone else from ABC is doing the same 🙂 We’ll have to keep each other posted-my parents are supportive and my friends. It IS always surprising to hear people’s responses because I always think that they will be in the negative, but they always turn out to be positive and encouraging if you know what I mean. So my adoption process will not start for at least another 2 years-I want to get ‘settled’ in China, first.

  3. awesome, i hope you can get that two-bedroom. you’ll need it when all the toys start pouring in. saying a pray for you! tara

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