Posted by: Jeannie | March 6, 2010

Latest blessings and prayer requests :)

Blessings from February 26th to March 4th:

My cast came off on the 4th 🙂

Got payment arrangements OK-ed for the unexpected bill mentioned in a previous prayer request!

Appetite has improved a little but still having to force myself to eat more than actually being hungry.  Also, struggling with emotional upset almost daily (staying on the verge of feeling like the tears are right there, but not going ahead and coming out).

First counseling appointment wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be; the counselor has said this is going to be a long, slow process.

Prayer requests:

Learning the casting of at least my left wrist has lost it’s effectiveness and I’ll be having surgery sometime in the next couple months.  My current orthopedic surgeon used to do wrist surgeries but has mostly focused on knee and hip surgeries over the last several years.  He’s sending my x-rays out to surgeons he knows in Clarksburg, Huntington, and Morgantown (WV) to get their opinions before setting me up with a referral for one.  His preference is to have the last bit of the ulna (bone that runs down the outer side of the lower arm) removed in what is called the Darrach procedure; it’ll include one week of either having someone who can stay at my place or who is willing to let me stay with them before I can be on my own, four more weeks in a cast, physical therapy, and about three months of recovery.  If all goes well, it’ll be the first time in about 15 years that I’ll be able to use my wrist without frequent pain 🙂

Medication is commonly encouraged when someone is working through counseling for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because of how emotionally painful it can be to work through the memories.  My desire, however, is to be able to not need the anti-depressants or anxiety medications.  Pray for me in this direction, please.

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