Posted by: Jeannie | March 27, 2010

Latest blessings and prayer requests :)

Blessings from March 19th to the 25th:

Took my car to a tire shop to get air in the back tires again, to be told the back tires were dry-rotted and likely to go at any time.  Found a friend to loan me the money, which was supposed to be $15 a piece for two used tires, to then have the mechanic talk the owner into letting both tires go for $20.  Was then told that the back brakes also needed to be replaced along with the rotor; the same back brakes that were replaced last December.  Took the car into ABC’s shop on Wednesday and he took the old brake pad off to find half the shoe of it was missing.  He called the store who sold him the parts, spent a little time talking to them about it, and got the warranty to cover the expense of a new brake pad; he determined the rotor will last a while longer.

The weather is really starting to get warmer here lately; I was able to get a couple walks in on the bike trail this week and get in some sunshine without flaring up the arthritis.

A friend gave me several daffodil flower bulbs; I planted them next to the front steps and am really looking forward to see them bloom!

Prayer requests:

While leaving Care Group last night, I was asked to back the car down the driveway instead of going out forward as usual.  I’m not the best at night-time driving or at backing up and commented to my passenger about being worried on taking out my friend’s fence line; hoping that would be enough to give her the hint that I could use a little bit of help.  She claimed afterwards that she didn’t see any reason for me to need any help on it and hadn’t tried.  The fence line stayed intact though the car tried to eat their stone pillar; it left a part of the front bumper dangling off the car, bashed in body work at the edge of the front passenger light, and left a good size bashed-in area just above the passenger tire.  I have an appointment with ABC’s mechanic AGAIN for Monday at 1:30 and still no way to pay him.

Continuing prayers for my weekly counseling sessions, dealing with the PTSD.

Still waiting for the referral for the orthopedic surgeon.

Received the date for the rescheduled foster-adopt grievance hearing; April 22nd.

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