Posted by: Jeannie | April 24, 2010

Life lately

Sorry about the month long absence; I really am still here.  The last several weeks have been full of way more than I wish they were.

This weekend is being spent digging through numerous boxes of papers from the move last November searching for the title for my newly deceased ’93 Buick Regal GS.

Gran'pa after hitting head-on in a T-bone collision

After 17 years and more than 198,000 miles under his belt, his life was suddenly ended on April 15th at about 5:32pm.  An 18-year-old driver exited a parking lot, after being waved through a gap in stopped traffic, and entered my lane less than one car length in front of me.  There was no time to react or avoid hitting them head-on in their driver’s side.  I was cleared of all liability.  After about three hours, I finally left the hospital diagnosed with a sprained knee as a result of it being slammed into the dashboard at roughly 25 miles an hour.  I’m currently enduring a knee immobilizer and crutches to help the healing process and get the swelling to go back down.  Last Monday, I hired an attorney for the first time in my life to help in obtaining medical compensation.

Thursday, April 22nd, was the re-scheduled foster-adopt grievance hearing.  It was a real learning experience and I made the difficult decision of letting them know I feel I need to be able to work through the counseling therapy for the Post-traumatic Stress Disorder before proceeding with any attempts at adoption.  I was told that the PRIDE classes I completed prior to the home study are good for three years from the date of the certificate and, if necessary, can retake them if more time is needed.

I see a hand specialist surgeon in Huntington on May10th to discuss the work he plans to do on my left wrist and set a surgery date.

On an up-note, I sang in our Easter Cantata this year and enjoyed a visit home getting time with my parents, my sister and her husband, two nephews, niece, and my sister’s in-laws!  I also measured, sawed, assembled and screened my first ever window frame and learned more about the insides and workings of a vacuum cleaner, along with planting daffodils and raspberry bushes, and getting to spend time with my best friend while she’s in visiting 🙂

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