Posted by: Jeannie | July 16, 2010

The garden is blooming :)

Flowers on the cantaloupe!

Flowers and bean pods forming on the green beans!

Top three rows, from left to right: green beans, banana peppers (they really are there, but are only about 4 inches tall), and cherry tomatoes (I've thinned them down twice; April would you recommend more thinning?); bottom two rows, top to bottom: cantaloupe and watermelon!


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  2. Yes, unfortunately I would recommend more thinning. Try Googling that topic to find out what the distance should be for each specific plant. I know that when I plant beans I think I put 2 or 3 seeds in a hole about 12″ apart. Tomatoes need something like 24″ distance! I usually go a little closer than that! This is exciting!! I noticed a few of my tomato plants “disappearing.” I knew what the problem was and finally found them this evening. Two big hungry caterpillars! I smashed them! Another bug is eating my tomatoes just as soon as they ripen. Drilling holes into them! I gave in and dusted the plants with Sevin this evening. We’ll see if that helps…

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