Posted by: Jeannie | March 28, 2011


Sorry it’s been almost two months since I last posted.  I had a joint replacement just a few weeks after the last post and I’m still recovering from it.  My cast comes off Thursday of this week and will be replaced with a removable brace for another six weeks.  I’ll be able to take it off for showers, washing dishes, and physical therapy but will have to keep it on any other time as bone is still growing in around the implant making it more and more stable.  Friends have been a huge blessing helping with everything from daily care the first two weeks to providing companionship!

Spring is coming and my mind is already on gardening again!  I planted 16 peat pellets with cherry tomato seeds last weekend and am growing them in a little Jiffy greenhouse until time to transplant them into the garden.  I’ve also purchased corn and watermelon seeds and plan to purchase more seeds after the first of the month.  I am so looking forward to working with the ground again and nurturing the plants as they grow.  I’m also looking forward to sharing the excess bounty with many good friends this summer!

Katie has reached her full size, I believe; she is just slightly larger than the cats.  She’s starting to be able to enjoy more outside time thanks to more days of temps being in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s.  She’s also beginning to learn the commands of Sit and Stay and is a very good baby, most of the time 😉

My days are being spent between house work, some TV, book reading, more time on devotions than usual, some Spring organizing, light yard work, the internet, taking walks, and working on the Soul Seeker manuscript.  Too much time at home is making me look forward to being able to go back to work again at Greater Beckley.


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