Posted by: Jeannie | June 12, 2012

So, what’s new?!

I just got online, looked at my two blogs, and realized it’s been a long time since I’ve written over here on this one.  So, where do I start?

My biggest recent highlight… I felt like I hit the jackpot of yard sales last weekend when I found an iPod Touch (2nd generation) for only $35.  The screen has a small crack in it but you can’t hardly see it when it’s turned on and everything about it seems to work great!  I was watching a podcast of Joyce Meyer on it last night!  On eBay the 2nd generation ones (that aren’t for parts only) start at $80 and go as high as $220 so, yeah, once he showed me that it still worked good, it was sold!

On a random note, Joyce Meyer is my all-time favorite Christian writer and speaker.  I have a couple of her books and really enjoy her TV show (when I remember) and listening to her podcasts.  I’m listening to her right now as I’m typing this.  I like it that I can download the podcasts and listen to them anywhere!

I started growing corn and cucumbers out in the garden and also got my cherry tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, bell peppers, and banana peppers transferred over into it.  I’m trying something new this year with laying down plastic in the garden.  It’s supposed to help keep the grass and weeds from growing back and smothering half the plants like it did last year and also helps hold the earth’s heat in which is good for the plants.

The corn has just recently sprouted (see below)

Below is what I’ve come to call my “wild” garden…

And finally, some flowers I’ve been trying to grow.

Working outside, or doing anything at all outside, seems to be one of the best “therapies” for me, that I think I’ve ever tried.

There’s been two birthdays this month!  My youngest nephew, Timmy, turned 17 this last Saturday!  And my puppy, Katie, is officially fully grown (according to my doggie book) and turns 2-years-old this coming weekend!  I received a birthday card in the mail for her from Pet Supplies Plus for a free gift of up to a $5 value.  I spent a few extra dollars and bought her the one she really got excited over and I think it’s become her favorite out of all the doggie toys she currently owns.

I found an accountability partner to help me out with my “daily” devotions and it’s made a major difference.  Before last January, I maybe did one devotion every 3 to 4 months, since finding someone to help keep me accountable I’m now averaging 3 to 4 devotions every week!  It hasn’t always been that good (just being honest); one week I did only one devotion time, my best week I had 6 out of the 7 daily devotions, but most weeks it’s 3 to 4.  Since the beginning of the year, I’ve read through the books of Joshua, Psalms, Jeremiah, Romans, 1st Corinthians, and I just started 2nd Corinthians last night.  Each day that I do devotions I write down the date, what section of scripture that I read and then write out any verses that stuck out to me and, finally, I write an application out for those specific verses (how I’m personally understanding them and/or how I think they apply to me).  Each week, usually Wednesdays, I make a copy of it for myself to save and give the other to my accountability partner.  It has made a good size difference for me as to “right” thinking and helped in healing my relationship with God (something that the abuse I endured had severely effected in a very negative way; ie. believing that God hated me and didn’t care about me or my life).

I attended a K3 graduation and an awards ceremony at Greater Beckley Christian School the end of May and was invited to attend an end-of-camp program last week at Alpine for one of my favorite kids!

And, until the next posting, I leave you with a picture taken of me feeding the ducks and geese out at Woodrow Wilson High School a few days ago.

If any of you want to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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