Posted by: Jeannie | August 23, 2014

My Wedding Dress

I bought a wedding dress 3 years ago when I was dating the guy I thought I was going to be spending the rest of my life with. I paid about $400 for that dress and another $70 for a tiara that has genuine Australian crystals in it. When our relationship ended, I spent months going through probably the worst depression period of my life. The wedding dress and tiara were very carefully packed away. Even during a few times, when money got extremely tight and the thought of selling that dress crossed my mind, I’ve never had the heart to sell it. The few times I’ve looked at it packed away, I remember that afternoon of searching through and trying on so many wedding dresses. Each one I’d tried on just didn’t feel or look quite right, even though I didn’t have a clue just what my wedding dress was supposed to look like. Then the sales clerk helped me into one more wedding dress and I knew I’d found the one I’d been searching for. I turned and looked in the mirror and saw someone I’d never seen before.

Keep in mind I grew up with a very damaged view of myself as a result of some very severe abuse during my childhood. Add to that a father who frequently reminded me that I was trash and no good. And you ended up with a woman who saw herself as pretty much worthless. It has taken me a lot of years, a lot of counselors, and a lot of supportive friends to help me move past that and finally be able to have a proper view of who I am.

That day, when I’d just slipped into that one final wedding dress and looked into the mirror, I saw myself in a way I never had before. I saw someone with great value, someone very beautiful, someone desired and treasured by another. I remember thinking this is what a queen must feel like. Three years later I still remember how that moment felt as I looked at myself in that mirror.

Three years ago, when I bought that dress and tiara, I had one very special man on my mind, the man I thought was my prince charming. Tonight, I was thinking though of a different Prince and a different King, One whose bride will be His church. I never want to forget how I felt when I looked at myself in the mirror that day and be reminded that that is how God views us: someone beautiful in His eyes, someone that God desires to have a relationship with, someone that God sees as the treasured creation He has made. It feels like it sounds silly but I’m not sure I ever want to sell that wedding dress.

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