Posted by: Jeannie | November 5, 2014

To-Do List Christianity

Disclaimer:  I hated being a “to do list” Christian.  That list has been thrown out!  ♡Speaking from my heart here.♡

You can spend your whole life trying to be the perfect Christian and completely miss having a relationship with God.  God isn’t going to get upset with you if you miss an occasional church meeting or two or three.  He’s not going to be mad at you if you don’t read your Bible every single day.  He won’t quit telling you how much He loves you if you don’t pray at every single meal.  There was a time, not that long ago, when I’d get almost devastated because I’d not read my Bible for a few days or, sometimes, even a couple weeks, or I’d sin in some area and think I’d lost my christianity.  The problem was I’d never had it.  I’d only been going through the expected actions of a Christian.  You really can live “as a Christian” and never actually be a child of God. My best friend, Karen Daily, taught me that.  Sometime back I ditched having a “to do list” with God and my relationship with Him has flourished.  I don’t pray at every meal but I do pray to him at different times throughout the day.  I reached the point that I hate being expected to pray publicly because suddenly I’m trying to think of some “mature” sounding prayer that’s going to make me sound good to everyone in hearing distance.  I know there are many who can pray out loud and still speak their heart; I don’t seem to have that capability.  God really wants me to be real with Him when I speak to Him, not focused on what so-and-so is going to think of me and my choice of words.  God wants me to want to spend time with Him, getting to really know Him, to want Him to be a part of every area of my life.  He doesn’t want that to be another item to check off my list every day.  I’m even back to truly wanting and enjoying going to church again (there was a time I thought I never wanted to go back).  I don’t think God was ever happy about my to do list christianity.  I do believe He’s pleased in my growing trust and love in Him.


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