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Protected: Loving my dad…

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Tomorrow is going to mark one week since I went outside that morning to try and straighten up the chaos in the garden caused by the horrendous storm we’d had the night before.

One week from the time I squatted down in front of my tomato plants and started working with them and glanced across the yard to find one of my upstairs neighbors slumped, half in and half out of his car.

One week since I went inside my upstairs neighbor’s apartment to try and wake the other brother up because of my concern for the one brother slumped over outside.

One week since calling 911 and then suddenly remembering the husband and wife paramedics who live in the building next door and desperately running and screaming for their help, having no way to know yet that it was already far too late for my neighbor, Bob.

One week since hearing the wife paramedic’s words of ‘no pulse’ and ‘he’s not breathing.’ One week since watching her using what looked like every single ounce of her strength into trying to work CPR on him. One week of her becoming desperate as she worked for 5 minutes, 10, 15 minutes on him and her one scream at him to ‘Come on! Breathe!’  One week since she kept repeatedly asking me how long he had been like that.  I kept trying to tell her I didn’t know, that I only knew it’d been so many (whatever many) minutes since I’d found him.  My answer wasn’t good enough and I felt even more helpless in the situation as she re-asked that same question 3 or 4 more times before she finally realized I had no other answer for her.

One week since watching what I’d only seen in a TV show suddenly being ‘played out’ in real life right in front of me to someone I knew personally.

One week since my own body suddenly became overwhelmed and I found myself bending over retching, gagging, threatening to lose my stomach there in the yard.

One week since slowly realizing Bob was gone, that it’d been too much time, of tears welling up in my eyes on the verge of crying.

One week since the feeling of shock and of realizing I’d found one of my neighbors dead.

One week of dealing with sudden unexpected grief. I hate grief.

I’ve questioned so many things over the last week: Why me? Why Bob? Why didn’t I look outside sooner? That last one is probably completely irrational, I realize that. God, what is Your purpose in this happening like it did?

I’ve struggled with shock, with confusion, with disbelief, with trying to accept it. I’m still trying to accept it.

I’ve stayed busy most days. I’ve brought the remaining brother, Joe, meals 3 times in the last 6 days. I’ve checked in on Joe I have no idea how many times.

I’ve worried about Joe. He has been fighting his own battles for the last week. He has too many times said he doesn’t need to eat. He has ‘seen’ his brother a few times inside the apartment and said he doesn’t know why because he says he knows his brother is dead. He said it’s scared him.  He told me last night that he’s completely cleaned the living room, kitchen, and bathroom; that he’s trying to stay busy.  He says he has to stay busy; that he feels better as long as he can keep working.

The last few days I’ve had a couple days of feeling like I was doing good, like I was coming out the other side of all this grief.  This morning I went outside to work in the garden some and glanced up at the spot where things seemed to fall apart last weekend and it felt like I suddenly remembered everything in that one second of time.  I’m back to the place of trying to remind myself that I did everything I could do, of confusion, of grief, of guilt, of wishing I had someone I could talk too.

Last night I went and bought gifts for a baby shower I’m going to be attending this afternoon.  I have hopes of getting some time with my best friend sometime in the next month or so, I think, as she and her husband are missionaries on deputation and are planning to visit some churches here in West Virginia.  My garden is growing well, counseling has been pretty good lately.  I’m trying to focus on the positives in and around me right now but today is feeling like a struggle.


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So, what’s new?!

I just got online, looked at my two blogs, and realized it’s been a long time since I’ve written over here on this one.  So, where do I start?

My biggest recent highlight… I felt like I hit the jackpot of yard sales last weekend when I found an iPod Touch (2nd generation) for only $35.  The screen has a small crack in it but you can’t hardly see it when it’s turned on and everything about it seems to work great!  I was watching a podcast of Joyce Meyer on it last night!  On eBay the 2nd generation ones (that aren’t for parts only) start at $80 and go as high as $220 so, yeah, once he showed me that it still worked good, it was sold!

On a random note, Joyce Meyer is my all-time favorite Christian writer and speaker.  I have a couple of her books and really enjoy her TV show (when I remember) and listening to her podcasts.  I’m listening to her right now as I’m typing this.  I like it that I can download the podcasts and listen to them anywhere!

I started growing corn and cucumbers out in the garden and also got my cherry tomatoes, big boy tomatoes, bell peppers, and banana peppers transferred over into it.  I’m trying something new this year with laying down plastic in the garden.  It’s supposed to help keep the grass and weeds from growing back and smothering half the plants like it did last year and also helps hold the earth’s heat in which is good for the plants.

The corn has just recently sprouted (see below)

Below is what I’ve come to call my “wild” garden…

And finally, some flowers I’ve been trying to grow.

Working outside, or doing anything at all outside, seems to be one of the best “therapies” for me, that I think I’ve ever tried.

There’s been two birthdays this month!  My youngest nephew, Timmy, turned 17 this last Saturday!  And my puppy, Katie, is officially fully grown (according to my doggie book) and turns 2-years-old this coming weekend!  I received a birthday card in the mail for her from Pet Supplies Plus for a free gift of up to a $5 value.  I spent a few extra dollars and bought her the one she really got excited over and I think it’s become her favorite out of all the doggie toys she currently owns.

I found an accountability partner to help me out with my “daily” devotions and it’s made a major difference.  Before last January, I maybe did one devotion every 3 to 4 months, since finding someone to help keep me accountable I’m now averaging 3 to 4 devotions every week!  It hasn’t always been that good (just being honest); one week I did only one devotion time, my best week I had 6 out of the 7 daily devotions, but most weeks it’s 3 to 4.  Since the beginning of the year, I’ve read through the books of Joshua, Psalms, Jeremiah, Romans, 1st Corinthians, and I just started 2nd Corinthians last night.  Each day that I do devotions I write down the date, what section of scripture that I read and then write out any verses that stuck out to me and, finally, I write an application out for those specific verses (how I’m personally understanding them and/or how I think they apply to me).  Each week, usually Wednesdays, I make a copy of it for myself to save and give the other to my accountability partner.  It has made a good size difference for me as to “right” thinking and helped in healing my relationship with God (something that the abuse I endured had severely effected in a very negative way; ie. believing that God hated me and didn’t care about me or my life).

I attended a K3 graduation and an awards ceremony at Greater Beckley Christian School the end of May and was invited to attend an end-of-camp program last week at Alpine for one of my favorite kids!

And, until the next posting, I leave you with a picture taken of me feeding the ducks and geese out at Woodrow Wilson High School a few days ago.

If any of you want to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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God’s Little Miracle!

Last Thursday it had rained pretty much all day long but Greater Beckley’s elementary volleyball and basketball teams were having their last games of the season and I wanted to go.  They were away games held at Clear Fork Elementary, a good half hour drive away in a completely unfamiliar area to me.  The games were good and we won the basketball game!

After getting some easier (than the way I came) directions to get back home again, I headed out.  I made it maybe two miles from the school when all of a sudden my headlights picked up a very small, whitish creature stumbling around in the middle of the road; as I got up closer to it, I realized it was a young kitten.  Out of fear that the next car coming through might kill it, I found a place to pull over and walked back to where the kitten was.  It started to try and run from me but wasn’t able to.  From the second I picked it up, I realized something was bad wrong with its breathing.  I carried it back to the car and it absolutely panicked when we got within a few feet of it.  After getting back in, I turned on the interior lights and was shocked by what I saw.  What I had thought in the dark was its facial markings, turned out to be a little face over half-covered in it’s own blood.

Because my initial fear was that a car was going to end up hitting it, I assumed it had already been hit before I found it, not thinking that if it had been hit it probably would have already of been dead.  I had no way of knowing who the kitten belonged to, it was after hours for a vet, and I didn’t have the money for a regular vet visit, let alone an emergency vet visit which is far more costlier.  I thought of a friend who has experience working with sick and injured animals and immediately started in that direction clutching a very hurt and frightened kitten in one arm while driving with the other.

It took the kitten about 10 minutes of struggling with me for it to either exhaust itself or realize that it was safe and it finally snuggled up against my chest and settled down.  Because the kitten was struggling to breath through it’s own blood (its mouth and nasal passages were completely full of blood), every other second or so, I could feel small wet splatters as more and more blood landed on me.  It took about 25 more minutes to get back near home and by then my cheek, chin, and upper parts of my sweatshirt and coat had blood all over them.

Within just a few miles of my friend’s house, I neared upon a curve.  I was traveling maybe 25 to 30 miles per hour when I was approaching it.  As I neared it, I began to slow even more and was maybe doing 15 to 20 when I turned the steering wheel to make the curve.  The steering wheel turned but the car didn’t and I had no clue why!  My last thoughts (all of which seemed to happen in about 1 to 2 seconds before impact) were “I told you to turn!;” “I’m going to hit!;” and “my God, what’s on the other side?” (all I could see was blackness on the other side of the guardrail).  I slammed on the brake but it did no good.  I didn’t know it but I had hydroplaned; we landed with the front passenger tire up on top of the guardrail.  Out of my confusion, and possibly mild shock, I didn’t realize part of the car was off the ground and I tried to back the car up before I realized it wasn’t going anywhere.

About half a minute later, a pickup truck pulled up along side me.  I rolled my window down to hear the woman asking me if I was hurt and that she was a paramedic with Jan Care; she was off-duty and had been heading home for the night.  She was the one who called 911 and sat in my back seat using her hands to keep my neck from moving.  It seemed things happened faster than humanly possible.  I remember hearing her complaint about how long it was taking for the ambulance to get to us but my mind was no longer keeping track of time and to me it seemed within seconds that an ambulance, fire truck, and police were in front, beside, and behind us.  I remember her gently but very firmly holding my neck, talking me through trying to get my breathing back under control, seeing so many flashing lights and people, and clutching that kitten to my chest, refusing to let go of it.  There was a lot of concern about all the blood on me and I was quick to let them know it was the kitten’s blood, not mine.

I allowed a neck brace but refused a back board and I think the paramedics were not happy about that.  I’d been strapped down on a back board after an accident 18 months ago and the feeling of being trapped and unable to free myself had escalated the PTSD I struggle with; I’d learned then that I couldn’t handle being held down.  The kitten went on hopefully what will be its only ambulance ride in its life.  The ambulance ride felt like it lasted two minutes but had to of been 10 minutes or more due to where the accident happened.

After a few minutes in the ER, a nurse came to me saying she wanted to help the kitten and telling me she wouldn’t let anything happen to it, and I let go of it for the first time since I picked it up out of the street.  I got more scared as I watched the nurse carrying the kitten off and another nurse reassured me that they were only going to help it.  I was still not feeling hardly any pain from the accident; that would soon change.

It wasn’t long before pain started in my right shoulder; the one I was driving with and that has been at a stage 1 dislocation since 2006.  Soon after that, pain began in my neck, traveling up into my head, and caused a headache that covered almost the entire back side of my skull, the slightest move of my neck or head would make the pain temporarily escalate.  Next, pain in my lower back started up.  I’ve had a moderately bulged disc in my neck at c6-c7 since 2002 and have another bad disc in my lumbar region that showed up sometime a few years ago; they’re both caused by the osteoarthritis having made it’s way into my spine as well.  The accident had also set off a flare-up with the rheumatoid arthritis.

X-rays were taken of me from neck to waist, the neck brace was finally allowed to come off, I was given a shot of tramadol and a flexeril and was released about midnight.  About every 30 minutes that I was there I was given an update on the kitten.  I was told the nurses used a snot-sucking ball to clear its mouth and nasal passages of all the blood, they gave it benedryl to sedate it and get an x-ray of it, they’d listened to its lungs with a stethoscope, and were trying to keep it warm.  They said it hadn’t been hit by another vehicle but they suspected it had either been kicked hard in the face or thrown out the window of a moving vehicle.  About 1 1/2 hours before I was discharged, the last thing I was told about the kitten was that they didn’t believe it was going to survive what had happened to it and finally the nurses quit giving me updates when I asked.

About 10 minutes before I was discharged, a nurse came back to close to where I was, wearing a blanket over her arm and shoulder and I realized she had to be carrying the kitten under it.  A friend of mine had come to the hospital to be with me and the nurse called to my friend and asked her to step with her into another room.  My friend had stopped just outside the doorway of the room though and I saw her facial expression.  I couldn’t hear the conversation but got upset when my friend’s face changed.  I called out to her, insisting to know what was wrong, and all she’d tell me was it was OK.  I told her I’d seen her face change and I knew it wasn’t OK and insisted further to know what was wrong.  Everything about her facial expression said it was horribly bad.

The nurse stayed in the room she’d stepped into and my friend came over to me and quietly told me the kitten was dying, they didn’t expect it to live much more longer.  She told me the nurse didn’t feel I should see the kitten right then but I insisted on it so the nurse brought the kitten to my bedside and sat down with it still covered.  She tried to tell that it was in extreme pain and they believed it was only minutes from death and asked me if I was sure I wanted to see it.  In the half hour I had tried to get it to where it could be helped, I think I bonded with it and I felt I couldn’t leave the hospital without knowing how it was.  The nurse pulled the blanket back and I’d never seen an animal in so much agony in my life.  I felt helpless in controlling the cry that erupted from my mouth.  The nurse very quickly covered the kitten back up and disappeared with it; my friend quickly got me home for the night.

Once I got the tears stopped that night, there were no more that came later.  I believed that the kitten had died soon after and I lived in physical pain from the accident all the way up through bedtime Sunday night; I’ve been pain free since Monday.  Monday evening my phone rang, the lady confirmed who I was, and then explained that she was the nurse who took care of the kitten in the ER the night of the accident.  I had trouble believing the next words that she said; the kitten was alive, it was eating and using the bathroom well, it was even beginning to play a little.  The X-ray had confirmed that one of the kitten’s lungs had collapsed (something they had suspected when they’d checked it’s breathing with the stethoscope) but the lung had managed to re-inflate itself.  The nurse had worked until 6:30 the morning after the accident and, because the kitten hadn’t died yet, she took it home with her and continued to nurse it.  It had begun to show the first signs of improvement by 24 hours after the accident and the nurse had thought about calling me then.  However, she’d been afraid to call me and give me good news yet out of fear that the kitten might still somehow begin to worsen again; she’d waited until Monday to know that it was definitely recovering.

She asked me if I wanted the kitten but there was no way I could take in another cat.  My friend who stayed with me in the ER had fallen in love with it too and said she would really like to have it!  The nurse had told me she’d been calling the kitten Little Miracle.  She’s cared for sick and injured animals before, including ones that weren’t able to be saved, and said she’d never seen an animal come so close to the edge of death and then make a comeback like this baby had.  I told my friend what the nurse had been calling the kitten, and why, and we agreed to keep the name Miracle!  So everyone, meet Miracle!!!  We’re guessing she’s right about 2 months old and is so little yet!

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God’s plan; God’s timing…

Proverbs 19:21  “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  NIV

Isaiah 55:8-9  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord.  As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”  NIV

When I started this blog, it was the same time that I’d taken the first step towards foster-adopt and made the initial phone call inquiry to begin the process.  I was a month away from turning 35, hadn’t dated anyone for awhile, and had tried to accept it that marriage was just never going to happen for me.  The “mother’s heart” within me had never waned though in my love for children or my very deep desire to have a child someday.

Because of more counseling still being recommended for me in regards to issues that I still struggled with from childhood abuse, my home study was denied.  The opportunity for a private adoption was made available but the baby was born severely premature and died soon afterwards, two months before it’s expected time.  Money from the accident settlement (the T-bone collision that happened in April 2010 and has just recently finished with the settlement process) was considered towards surrogacy in India but again it was not God’s plan for me.  And then Ty happened into my life…

Ty, a man of godly character, patient, loving, kind, protective,

who calls me a breath of fresh air, and wants to know he’s not calling too often,

who enjoys surprising me, and loves to hear my laugh,

who wants to share his life, his loves, his dreams with me,

who wants to help carry my burdens, and be a safe refuge in my life,

who wants to know everything about me,

and wants me to be a part of his family!

Who has spent the last several phone calls asking me about my dream ideas of a wedding and a honeymoon,

about helping his daughters in transitioning from a family that has consisted of themselves, their father, and grandparents to one of the girls and ourselves!

Who has asked questions about my church’s policies where it involves weddings and premarital counseling and awaits for that day in God’s timing!

Dreaming of that day 🙂

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Sorry it’s been almost two months since I last posted.  I had a joint replacement just a few weeks after the last post and I’m still recovering from it.  My cast comes off Thursday of this week and will be replaced with a removable brace for another six weeks.  I’ll be able to take it off for showers, washing dishes, and physical therapy but will have to keep it on any other time as bone is still growing in around the implant making it more and more stable.  Friends have been a huge blessing helping with everything from daily care the first two weeks to providing companionship!

Spring is coming and my mind is already on gardening again!  I planted 16 peat pellets with cherry tomato seeds last weekend and am growing them in a little Jiffy greenhouse until time to transplant them into the garden.  I’ve also purchased corn and watermelon seeds and plan to purchase more seeds after the first of the month.  I am so looking forward to working with the ground again and nurturing the plants as they grow.  I’m also looking forward to sharing the excess bounty with many good friends this summer!

Katie has reached her full size, I believe; she is just slightly larger than the cats.  She’s starting to be able to enjoy more outside time thanks to more days of temps being in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s.  She’s also beginning to learn the commands of Sit and Stay and is a very good baby, most of the time 😉

My days are being spent between house work, some TV, book reading, more time on devotions than usual, some Spring organizing, light yard work, the internet, taking walks, and working on the Soul Seeker manuscript.  Too much time at home is making me look forward to being able to go back to work again at Greater Beckley.


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3 1/2 weeks into the settlement process so far

and I have soooooo many things I’m seriously considering.

  • a much better vehicle – must haves are 4-wheel-drive, decent gas mileage, CD player, automatic everything, heated seats, and hopefully no more than 6-8 years old at the most!
  • a large, flat-screen, high-definition TV, around 40-50 inches!
  • a set of partials now that the braces are off!
  • my first visit to Florida in almost 17 years; getting to visit childhood friends, favorite remembered places, the Keys, and the new Harry Potter theme park!
  • a matching living room set!
  • Toric contact lenses!
  • majorly increasing my savings!


  • independent surrogacy and sperm donors (yes, I’m very serious on this!)  Do you realize it’s easier, requirement-wise, to go this route than it is to foster-adopt?  No home-study, no constant intrusions by the state, and it’s the “Intended Parent” who selects the surrogate!
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This has been a year!


Started the year with no real plans and a lot of unknowns; made the decision to lean on God and place my trust in His faithfulness for this year.


Began the year still struggling with grief over the home study denial letter.

The worst winter Beckley has seen in at least the last 10 years; many times of being snowed in.

Neighbors who unfroze my car locks on New Year’s Day for me.

Friends from Africa who invited me over and gave me my first taste of African food.

Hit a patch of ice and rolled the car off the edge of the road and onto the driver’s side in a shallow ditch on January 8th.

A rental van for the entire time it took to repair the car.

My God who protected me and insurance that paid for the repairs.

Diagnosed with Reynaud’s Phenomenon

Getting to spend time with my best friend, Karen, and her family.

Left wrist was casted to immobilize it for six weeks.


Made the decision to stop holding certain people back at arm’s-length in my life and work at trusting others more; an issue stemming off of past abuse.

More times of being snowed in.

Neighbors who shoveled my car out so I could drive it.

Strangers who pushed my car off of a huge patch of iced-over parking lot.

The new apartment finally passed HUD inspection.

Celebration of life and my 2nd spiritual birthday.

More effort made in trying to trust God more and attempting to willingly let Him have control in my life instead of fighting Him so much.

Bought two raspberry bushes.

Dear friends loaning me a shovel for breaking up ice, clearing the steps and walkway, and digging out the car for the rest of the winter.

Real problems with loss of appetite.

School (and work) starting back up again after almost two solid weeks of snow days.

Being called a liar and a lesbian by certain family members for speaking up about the sexual abuse from my brother.

Received the original date for the foster-adopt grievance hearing; started preparing for it.


Agreed to start on an anti-depressant for problems I’d been dealing with for months at that point.

Began counseling for complex post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and suicidal ideations stemming off of four years of sexual abuse and more than 30 years of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse.

Lots and lots and lots of “kid time”.

Judge came down sick and foster-adopt grievance hearing is having to be rescheduled.

God’s providence in replacing dry-rotted tires on the car and a faulty brake pad still covered under warranty.

A friend who gave me several daffodil bulbs.


Foster-adopt grievance hearing rescheduled for April 22nd; made the very difficult decision in letting the judge know that I am not at a place emotionally at the moment to be able to properly care for a child, agreed that there is a need to get worked through on things dealing with my own past abuse before caring for another abused child.

My car, Gran’pa, was totaled on April 15th, after an 18-year-old was waved through a gap in stopped traffic and directly in front of my path; thus began a solid month of dependence upon God and friends, an introduction to lawyers, and a lot of problems with my left knee.

More time with Karen and her family as they came in for another visit.

Sang in my 1st Easter Cantata.


Received a referral for a hand surgeon in Huntington for May 10th.  Still had no transportation of my own and got to see God really do some providence in a way that had to only of been Him!

Difficult counseling.

Doctor appointments in regards to my injured knee (from the accident).

Began the Social Security Review process.

Scheduled for surgery for May 25th; both a wrist replacement and carpal tunnel release.

Many, many friends who came together to help me in the weeks following my surgeries; my God who kept me from feeling alone like I had feared I would be.

The beginning of six more weeks in a cast.

A drive-by shooting May 13th; nine bullets shot at our apartment building, two of which are lodged in the wall around my living room window.  Many nights of little sleep and several nightmares.

May 29th brought S’moresie home to live with me; a cat that had been living on the bike trail for at least the last year.  A coon tried to challenge her to the cat food I’d brought and I decided I couldn’t leave her there any longer.

Provided with a car of my own a week before my surgeries.


Learned my father is dying from stage 4 kidney failure.

Began working on memories in counseling.

Mom and Dad Hess coming up from Florida to spend Father’s Day weekend with me.

Got the garden tilled and planted on May 11th; green beans, banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Food stamp review on June 28th, nearly doubled the amount of money for groceries!

Made major improvement on daily devotions; think I only missed four days out of the entire month.


Made new friends with Bill and Tina Tiller, and their two sons, while they were vacationing up here; new friends introduced through my mom and dad Hess in Florida.

Counseling the most difficult yet; nightmares starting up severely about the abuse.

Being specially treated by friends with lunch at CiCi’s and rounds of miniature golf on July 4th.

Struggled extremely hard with wanting to quit on the counseling.  Memory work made the depression a lot worse.

Started physical therapy for both my knee injury (from April’s car accident) and my wrist (for the carpal tunnel and wrist joint replacement surgeries).

Counseling switched from focusing on memory work to making myself more vulnerable and open with others.

Worked with 3rd and 4th graders during a week of VBS!

Beginning realizations that God really does love me!

Got to bring my puppy, half Chihuahua and half Beagle, home at 6 weeks old, on July 29th!  Her name is Katie!


A lot of time spent in the garden and playing with Katie!

More and more kid-time with four of my favorites!

The beginnings of healing in the relationship with my dad.

Getting to see God working more and more in my life!

Back driver side of new car was bashed in by an intoxicated driver who insisted he never saw the car; insurance money allowed me to get several repairs done on the car, including my first ever set of completely brand new tires.


Began working my 16th year of Awanas; working with the Sparkies (K-2nd graders) this year!

Three of six day old tires were slashed; began parking the car at my church to keep it safe.

Learned I’ve been found to still be approved for disability (not a surprise for me).

Got to attend the Beth Moore Simulcast!

Learned I’ve been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder on top of the Complex Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Began re-considering adoption.


My braces finally came off after having them on for the last 2 ½ years!

Had to accept the fact that insurance issues are forcing me to change counselors if I’m going to continue with therapy; had to say good-bie to my counselor, Katie.  Struggled hard with sadness and fears with “starting over.”

Was willing to try an attempt with group counseling; was a major mistake, back to searching for a new counselor that does individual therapy.

Learned rheumatoid arthritis has finally made it’s way into my shoulders.

Asked, and gave, my narcotic-strength pain meds to some close trusted friends to hold and began working through withdraw symptoms.

Trick-or-Treating with the niece and nephews!


Got to attend regional’s and state’s girls volleyball; GBCS won state runner-up!

Started working on the manuscript for my very first book, Phoenix Rising!

Got auburn highlights in my hair; first time ever trying out highlights!


Finding myself a lot happier and content lately!

Dancing for the first time in months!

Found one solitary, extremely ripe cherry tomato growing in the old garden, surrounded by snow; realizing God surprises us when we least expect it and does what we would of thought was impossible!

Celebrated my 37th birthday with both of my best friends along with some very special friends who came a long way just for my special day!

Began counseling with a new counselor on the 7th.

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Life is good!

Last night held a very sweet few moments!  There’s little sweeter than a child who loves and trusts you, taking your hand, leaning into you, looking up into your face, and saying “We’re best buds!”  There’s nothing else I’d trade it for!  Love, trust, and friendship are some of the greatest gifts in life!

I’m enjoying this much milder winter and the arthritis is dealing pretty well with it!

Having daily feelings of contentment and peace!

Catching smiles on my face with no idea how long they’ve been there!

Getting adventurous and getting auburn highlights in my hair last Tuesday!

Dancing to music for the first time in months!

Getting ready to celebrate my 37th birthday with awesome friends on Saturday!

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To all my friends: I have a full size, solid wood (not sure what kind), headboard and foot board along with metal rails FREE TO A GOOD HOME! You just have to come and get it. I live in the Beckley area. If anyone is interested, comment! I want it gone.

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